The Two-Part Pour: The Proper Way to Pour a Pint of Guinness

Nothing is worse than ordering a smooth, creamy pint of perfectly crafted Guinness and watching a busy bartender let the tap go like they're trying to free flow onto the floor until the bottom of the keg runs dry.

Okay, well a flowing tap does sound nice, but Guinness is not your average draft. Pouring nitro takes some finesse and a keen eye for when to top off the cascading pint. Take it from the Guinness Storehouse, these guys know the way to pour a proper pint.

Following a six-step method, they showcase the classic two-part pour while taking into consideration everything from a branded glass to the top up. Filing the glass up to the harp, the nitrogen bubbles are left to settle and then slowly topped off for the perfect pint.

Now that is one classy looking pint of Guinness. All those beautiful nitrogen bubbles produce a creamy consistency that makes a pint of Guinness look smoother than the finest whiskey.

While watching the creamy liquid flow into a settling glass takes patience, I can assure you that the end product is well worth it. After all, "good things come to those who wait".

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