United Airlines Boeing Flight Loses Its Wheel In Scary Moment Caught On Camera
Photo By Shutterstock/Falcons Spotters

United Airlines Boeing Flight Loses Its Wheel In Scary Moment Caught On Camera

Moments after takeoff, a Boeing plane managed to casually lose one of its undercarriage tires. Get your popcorn, and let's watch the trainwreck (or "planewreck," in this case) together!

Per the New York Post, "United confirmed in a statement that a wheel fell off the jet as Flight 1001 departed Los Angeles International Airport around 7 a.m. on its way to Denver." The flight fortunately landed uneventfully in Denver and all the passengers on board were safe. According to a United spokesperson, the wheel was found later. In case, you know, you cared about that obviously important detail. United is investigating the cause of the mishap.

This situation runs parallel to another Boeing tire-related incident back in March! Where a different Boeing plane lost a wheel during takeoff!

Really, you can only laugh to keep from crying. I've been angry about the string of Boeing incidents. I've also been sad about the injuries and losses from said incidents. But you know what? Nobody got hurt, and this time, I want to blow off a bit of steam. Yeah, let's do that!

A Wheel Falls Off Of A United Airlines Boeing Plane

Ah, you love the smell of a fresh Boeing roast in the morning! Don't you love it when your chances of something catastrophic happening on a given flight are 50/50? Some people would gamble with those odds. Oh, were you curious about the status of the company itself following the whole "Senate hearing" debacle?

"Boeing 737 Max crashes killed 346 people and the company just pleaded guilty to a felony for conspiring to defraud the federal government. Its punishment: *0 people go to jail *Company fined $487 million - 0.6% of its annual revenue. Victims' families summed it up: The plea deal 'unfairly makes concessions to Boeing that other criminal defendants would never receive and fails to hold Boeing accountable for the deaths of 346 persons,' one X (formerly known as Twitter) user says, summing the case up perfectly.

That's right! Nobody's going to jail! A company pled guilty to a charge of conspiracy against the government and effectively got a slap on the wrist and well wishes. But, no, everything in America works optimally and nothing needs to be addressed or fixed whatsoever!