Unicorn Toast: The Breakfast Trend We Love and How to Make It

Breakfast doesn't mean boring, and healthy doesn't mean bland.

First there were unicorn cakes, then unicorn macarons, and now we're crossing frontiers into the real, whole food world. That's right, unicorn-ing desserts has transcended to unicorn-ifying even the most basic of everyday snacks. Unicorn toast! What else could possibly get the unicorn touch?

Perhaps that's the wrong question to be asking when any and everything can be unicorn-ed; even toast. What could be a better way to kickstart your day than with a magically delicious touch of rainbows and sprinkles on your morning out-the-door go-to? Nothing, the answer is nothing. What's next, mermaid toast?

Though your kiddos are sure to be entangled in the beauty and tastefulness of this toast, don't think it's a snack for them and them only. Let's be honest, you were excited about all of the other unicorn-related trends.

What's different about this one than all of the others? The mere fact that you're spicing up toast with a rainbow twist is enough to be both intrigued and perplexed, as you should be.

Don't just sit around and waste your beloved time staring at all of the beautifully crafted unicorn toast creations on Pinterest and Instagram.

It's 2017, and with the help of Pinterest, Instagram and Wide Open Eats, you can easily create your own unicorn-ed out toast masterpiece.

You'll need: Bread, food coloring, cream cheese or butter, and the periodic sprinkle, or 500.

You can also use natural food coloring including:

Green: chlorophyll drops or spirulina powder.

Yellow: turmeric root powder

Pink: beet juice or freeze-dried raspberries

Light Purple: spirulina powder and freeze-dried blueberries

Deep Purple: freeze-dried blueberries

Step 1

First, if you're going to get the full rainbow effect, you'll need to have separate bowls for all of the different colors you'll be utilizing.

In these separate bowls, you'll want to divide out your cream cheese or butter, giving each bowl it's own designated color.

Step 2

Mix your food coloring into each individual bowl, creating the colors you want. Don't feel like you have to stick strictly to the colors in the pack you bought. Creativity is everything when it comes to unicorn-ing up food, and the same is true here. This piece of toast is just the beginning of how you can use brightly colored cream cheese.

If you want a purple, but your pack only comes with blue and red, simply mix these two colors together and voila, purple! Just be careful with the amounts of dye you use, as larger amounts will create deeper, less pastel-like colors.

Step 3

Pick one color to start with, and cover the entirety of your bread slices with that color. After the initial color has been laid, leave some space and start with a new color.

Repeat this process until the toast has been layered with these various colors. If you're feeling really creative, mix up the design of your layering! You have full freedom here, and there's no way to go wrong.

Step 4

Sprinkle it out, if you so desire! This is a good way to transform ancient grains toast into toast that your kiddos will eat, or any other picky eater in your life.

They'll hardly know that below the surface, they're getting essential vitamins, fiber, and other nutritionally valuable substances into their tummies.

Step 5

Enjoy! Don't get so wrapped up in making these sweet treats for your kids or others in your life that you forget to enjoy a slice or two yourself.

These are just as much for you as they are for everyone else. Plus you're the one who made them, so you deserve it!

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