Pesky Bugs Are No Match For This Umbrella Screen

Nothing's better than an outdoor patio set up for warm summer days, to enjoy an after-dinner drink or spend time with friends. However, the relaxation that comes from a welcoming outdoor space is easily tarnished by mosquitoes and flies, especially on hot summer evenings. To prevent this, an umbrella screen is the perfect solution!

9ft Patio Umbrella Bug Screen

This high quality patio umbrella bug screen is made to hang from a large umbrella and designed to leave plenty of room for your patio table and chairs. Allowing for up to an 11-foot outdoor umbrella, this will hang off the edge of the umbrella and add a new level of comfort to your gazebo.

Along with protecting you from bugs, this umbrella cover has a large zippered entrance for easy access, to easily close behind you or open back up the zipper door. The 9 foot umbrella bug screen is made with mesh, functioning as patio umbrella mosquito netting, to allow fresh air to get in while keeping out unwanted bugs. It has a PVC bottom tube that you fill with water to keep the screen from moving or blowing in the wind, so your garden umbrella is well protected from the elements.

Another perk of having a bug screen is to protect from the sun. You can enjoy your outdoor living patio furniture from the safety of a sunshade with this heavy-duty patio umbrella mosquito net. To setup your screen house, simply place the top of the screen over your umbrella and slide the drawstring back and forth to fit your parasol's size.

To make sure you're happy with your patio set's umbrella screen, Walmart offers a 60 day warranty, so the return policy lasts for two months while you ensure that your umbrella canopy meets your standards. Just fill the water tube, hang your new screen from the top of the umbrella on your patio, and enjoy dinners and drinks without fending off bugs!

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