Trump Confirms That The Existence Of Aliens Is Possible
Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

Trump Confirms That The Existence Of Aliens Is Possible

The truth is out there, true believers. Former President Donald Trump is focusing on both the election and recent legal woes. But he also recently took a moment to address aliens and UFOs.

Sitting down with YouTube Jake Paul (in one of the strangest crossovers), Trump turned his attention to those little green men everyone swears by.  Pilots told him they saw UFOs in the sky. "I met with pilots [who looked] like beautiful Tom Cruise but taller — handsome, perfect, people," Trump told Paul. "'Sir, there was something there that was round in form and going like four times faster than my super jet fighter plane.'"

"And I looked at these guys, and they really mean it," Trump added.

However, you shouldn't count Trump as a believer in aliens. He said he doesn't really give it much thought. Trump told Paul, "Am I a believer? No, I probably I can't say I am. But I have met with people that are serious people that say there's some really strange things that they see flying around out there."

He did have a quick moment for a joke. "When you say aliens, I say, 'Are they illegal aliens?'" Trump quipped. "These [UFOs] might be illegal, but we don't want to test them."

Aliens Among Us?

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has previously investigated UFOs and released their findings earlier this year. They found no evidence that the U.S. government covered up the existence of aliens or UFOs. Instead, they found most UFO sightings were due to misidentification.

"Investigative efforts determined that most sightings were the result of misidentification of ordinary objects and phenomena," the report said. "Although many UAP reports remain unsolved, AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) assesses that if additional, quality data were available, most of these cases also could be identified and resolved as ordinary objects or phenomena."

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, a defense department spokesperson, said there is "no verifiable evidence for claims that the U.S. government and private companies have access to or have been reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology."

"Also, AARO has found no evidence that any U.S. government investigation, academic-sponsored research, or official review panel has confirmed that any sighting of a UAP represented extraterrestrial technology," he added. "All investigative efforts, at all levels of classification, concluded that most sightings were ordinary objects and phenomena and the result of misidentification."

However, Harvard researchers thinks it's possible that aliens are living among us.