The 10 Best Trisha Yearwood Songs, Ranked

Trisha Yearwood's run of chart success points back to a time when talented women got a fair shake in Nashville, allowing a wide range of listeners to discover these and other great songs.

Alongside Reba McEntire and others, Yearwood helped define '90s country music's creative minds and crossover stars. The Georgia native's critical and chart success earned her a Grand Ole Opry membership, three Grammys, three CMA Awards and two ACM Awards. Songs like "I Would've Loved You Anyway" and "I'll Still Love You More" really stand the test of time as classics.

Whether solo or with future husband Garth Brooks as her duet partner, Yearwood's best songs represent a time when mainstream county struck a healthy balance between honoring traditional sounds and chasing pop acceptance. Since then, Yearwood has remained a consummate entertainer, whether she's hosting a cooking show or revisiting her Christmas song arsenal ("The Sweetest Gift," "Sweet Little Jesus Boy," "Reindeer Boogie" and "Take a Walk Through Bethlehem" are especially amazing). 14 studio albums later, and we still consider Yearwood one of the greats. Here are 10 of her best songs.

10. "How Do I Live"

A rundown of the best Trisha Yearwood songs would be incomplete without her version of this song, even if Leann Rimes' stellar version might be better-known now. But everybody knows that the version that made it in Con Air (the film is even in the music video) and earned Yearwood a Grammy Award will always be classic. Her version even made it to number 2 on the Hot Country Songs Billboards.

9. "Georgia Rain"

The main selling point of Yearwood's 2005 comeback album Jasper County remains this sentimental song that references the singer's home state.

8. "That's What I Like About You"

Yearwood's 1991 MCA Nashville debut sounded more traditional than casual listeners might expect, as demonstrated by this rollicking honky-tonk throwback.

7. "In Another's Eyes" (with Garth Brooks)

This Yearwood and Brooks duet is good enough to warrant consideration for his and her best songs lists. It would've linked them together forever without their future marriage.

6. "Wrong Side of Memphis"

Yearwood's offering that best mirrored some of her peers' bluesy, rocking vibe also features classic country instrumentation, accentuating a story-song with a strong sense of place. This was the first single on her second album, Hearts in Armor.

5. "Walkaway Joe" (With Don Henley)

One of the best sad songs of its time, "Walkaway Joe" teams Yearwood with the Eagles' Don Henley for this tale of hard living and broken hearts. 

4. "The Song Remembers When"

This weepy ballad remains one of the best examples of Yearwood's vast talent as a soulful vocalist and emotive song interpreter.

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3. "A Perfect Love"

High-energy '90s country, custom made to match the scope of a stadium show, suited Yearwood's mighty voice, as heard on this classic single about what a powerful thing love is and what a joy it is to actually be in love. 

2. "XXX's and OOO's (American Girl)"

Often, a great country song's narrator tells a first-person story that's relatable to men or women from all walks of life. In this case, Yearwood really does sing for the small-town American girl in this hit from her 1995 album, Thinkin' About You.

1. "She's In Love With The Boy"

As usual, it's hard to argue against the most obvious song being an artist's best. This early-career single still gets stuck in the heads of '90s country fans, encouraging them to revisit other songs on this list. This song about teenage love just goes to show that where your road leads might not be what other people expected, but could be the real deal.

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The 10 Best Trisha Yearwood Songs, Ranked