Trisha Yearwood Launches New Listener-Driven Radio Show

In 2016, Garth Brooks launched his own SiriusXM channel featuring his music, the music of other artists who've inspired him and special content. As with all aspects of his career, Brooks takes a hands-on approach to the station, selecting all featured content himself. On April 2, country superstar (and Brooks' wife) Trisha Yearwood announced that she'd be getting her own show on the Garth channel.

The show, Trisha's Take Five, will be a music program in which Yearwood picks four songs that fit a certain theme. For the fifth song, Yearwood will take suggestions from listeners.

In a press release, Yearwood expressed her excitement to include listeners in the program.

"I'm honored to host my own show on Garth's SiriusXM channel," Yearwood said. "I love the Garth Channel because it explores such diverse music. No artist is influenced by just one genre of music. But of all the great voices you'll hear on the Garth Channel, I'm most excited about including the voice of the listener on Trisha's Take Five."

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The radio show is one more exciting project for the already busy star. In 2012, she launched her popular cooking show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, on the Food Network.

Trisha's Take Five will air Mondays at 5 p.m. ET on the Garth Channel (channel 55 on SiriusXM radios).

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Trisha Yearwood Launches New Listener-Driven Radio Show