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Tractor Races to Put out Burning Car on Flooded Texas Street

Driving during flash flooding is always something you need to be careful about. Nikki Carmona experienced that first-hand when her car caught on fire after stalling in flood waters last week.

It all took place in front of Bane Machinery in Dallas, Texas. Carmona told WFAA that she first noticed the problem after a car stopped in front of her. When she stopped her car, smoke started pouring out of her hood and dashboard. She immediately exited the vehicle and waded to the side of the road.

Luckily, crews working at Bane Machinery saw what was happening and quickly leaped into action. While Carmona was making her way to safety, the general manager jumped in a front-loader and began dumping buckets full of water on top of her Mercedes. The fire was already out when the fire department arrived a few moments later.

Employees at Bane Machinery captured the entire event on their phones. You can watch it in this video.

What's really scary about this whole thing is that the water was only about a foot deep when Nikki started driving through it. However, by the time the flood water reached its top height, it was waist deep.

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Other cars also became stranded, and many of those drivers needed rescuing as well. One woman was still in her vehicle directly in front of Nikki's when the excitement happened. However, she was too busy watching her car fill up with water to even notice the fire behind her. Luckily, other drivers helped her get the water out of her floorboards.

Both Nikki and the other drivers say they learned a valuable lesson. They now realize how fast flooding can happen and know to always turn around before driving through water on the roadway. While it may take you longer to get where you are going, the danger is just too great a risk.

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