Windy Hill Restoration

7 Incredible Retro Tractor Restorations

Tractors are designed to endure rugged wear and tear on the farm. But tractor enthusiasts are transforming a machine made for dirty work into a beautiful new art form.

Farmers are hopping on the trend of restoring vintage tractors to their original glory - while adding a bit of flare. Some do it as a hobby, others as a side business.

The custom designs vary in colors, sizes and shapes. But they all have the same purpose: to celebrate agricultural history and unite the farming community. After restoring the tractors, many farmers will display their custom designs at shows, like the Rusty Iron Annual Tractor Show in Fredericksburg, Texas.

We've rounded up some impressive restorations of vintage tractors.

Mustard International Harvester

This mustard-colored International Harvester was a special project taken on by Windy Hill Restoration in Maine. The company breathes new life into old, vintage tractors and then resells them. 

Ford 9N

The 1941 Ford 9N is almost unrecognizable after its makeover. This vintage tractor started out with a dull, olive green body, but its owners made it shine with a fresh coat of red paint and shiny new wheels.

Pink Farmall

This pink beauty was restored by a couple in South Dakota. They painted it pink to support breast cancer awareness and to honor their daughter-in-law. Now, this tractor is every farm girl's dream.

John Deere Green

You can never go wrong with John Deere green. The fresh coat of paint restores this tractor to its original glory, but the sleek body gives it a modern edge.

Patriotic Farmall

You won't find a tractor like this one rolling off the factory floor. This McCormick Farmall, manufactured by International Harvester, got a patriotic facelift. Donning a coat of red, white and blue paint with a star-spangled design emblazoned on the grill, this tractor is truly an icon of American culture.

John Deere Dain

John Deere began manufacturing its first tractor, the Dain, in 1918.  Only about 100 of the Dains were ever made. But this rare beauty has been preserved at the John Deere Pavillion in Moline, Ill.

Oliver Model 70

Classic meets modern in this custom Oliver. The classic build of this Model 70 is timeless, but the custom upgrades make it hard to believe it was built all the way back in 1948.

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