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Trace Adkins' New Track 'Still A Soldier' Honors Military Heroes

Veteran bass singer Trace Adkins has just released the new song "Still A Soldier," which pays tribute to soldiers and military service.

The tune begins by explaining a pretty run-of-the-mill American lifestyle. A man working a 9-to-5 with a baby on the way and a penchant for sleeping in on the weekend. But underneath it all, Adkins sings, he's still a soldier.

In the second verse, Adkins notes our dedicated military man would return to the frontline in a heartbeat. And that when one of his brothers in arms falls, a piece of him does too.

There's no shortage of tunes praising military service — especially in country music. But this one manages to take a relatable approach while still holding reverence for the duty of a soldier. And, thankfully, avoids getting too ham-handed.

Though musically, the song feels pretty down the middle. Adkins has one of the more powerful voices in country music, so sometimes it's a little disappointing to hear him sing a song that sounds like literally anybody else could sing. The lyric video isn't too fancy, but it gets the job done.

Phil O'Donnell and Wade Kirby wrote the patriotic tune. O'Donnell has hits with several other artists, including Blake Shelton and Craig Morgan. Kirby wrote alongside O'Donnell for several of those tunes, and he also wrote the phenomenal "I Saw God Today."

Trace Adkins' newest album Something's Going On comes out March 31. The album amazingly marks his twelfth studio album. Other songs on the record include "Jesus and Jones" and "Lit," which he released last year.

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Adkins begins a tour in support of the record on March 18. No word yet on if he plans to join another USO tour, but it wouldn't be surprising. In addition to releasing patriotic songs, Adkins performed on 10 previous USO tours.

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