Trace Adkins Struggles to Balance ‘Jesus and Jones’ in New Video

Screengrab via YouTube

Trace Adkins has spent many years trying to balance the party lifestyle that comes along with stardom in the music industry. In 2014, he entered rehab for alcohol dependency after being involved in an altercation on a cruise ship where he was performing. Now, he’s reflecting on the difficulties of staying sober and true to himself in his new video for “Jesus and Jones.”

Written by Tyler Farr, Casey Beathard and Jim McCormick, the track describes the struggles of trying to keep himself sober while living life in the spotlight.

“It’s just the story of my life,” Adkins told Rolling Stone Country of the single. “I’ve struggled with the same kinds of things other people have struggled with, trying to figure out where you fit on that spectrum between the church pew and the bar stool. It’s something I’ve had to deal with for a long time. And so did George.”

In the video, Adkins wakes up in the aftermath of a house party, along with various locals who try to return to their normal lives after going a little too hard the night before. The video includes many nods to George Jones, including images of partygoers heading to church on their lawnmowers and footage from Jones’ arrest for drinking and driving in 1980.

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Trace Adkins Struggles to Balance ‘Jesus and Jones’ in New Video