Toby Keith's Hometown Pays Tribute on 4th of July
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Toby Keith's Hometown And Fans Pays Tribute To Late Singer on 4th of July

4th of July is the perfect time to jam Toby Keith's music. Nothing empowers full bodied patriotism quite like his records do. Consequently, it makes sense for people to blast Keith loud and proud in the first Independence day without him. Toby's hometown goes above and beyond to appreciate his contribution to country music and all the patriots out there.

The city of Moore, Oklahoma announces that they have a massive celebration in place to honor Toby Keith and his legacy as the fireworks blast. "Enjoy one of the largest fireworks show in the state with food trucks, vendors, and activities throughout the day. Fireworks will begin around 9:45 pm and will be set to the music of the late Toby Keith, as we pay tribute to this country music icon and Moore native," it reads.

Hopefully, this grants a little bit of solace and familiarity for the Keith family this 4th of July. His daughter Krystal expresses how difficult this time of year can be for her and the rest of Toby's loved ones. "I'm expecting Fourth of July to just be the hardest one to take... That's a time that we've always spent with him: We typically are at our lake house or the golf club, and that's a really big holiday for him."

Fans Remember Toby Keith and His Patriotism on 4th of July

The love and fanfare doesn't restrict itself to just Moore, Oklahoma. An abundance of fans on social media find themselves remembering the late country icon.

One user represents Outkick and speaks for his audience by lauding Keith this Independence Day. He emphasizes a quote Toby said at a concert, "Never apologize for being patriotic. F*ck 'em." Moreover, he wishes America a "happy birthday to the greatest country on the planet." "Never apologize for loving America. A lot of great people died to keep this beautiful place our home."

Additionally, one user utilizes this opportunity to wrangle all sides of the party line together. "For one day, I ask that we don't be Republicans, Democrats, liberals or conservatives. Let's be Americans," they declare. "The best country in the world because of God-fearing and patriotic citizens. Hey, siri, play Toby Keith all day!!!"