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Timothy Olyphant’s 15 Best Performances in Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

Olyphant's best onscreen roles, from a rom-com heartthrob to a modern-day cowboy.

Timothy Olyphant boasts a career as varied as it is impressive. He brought us Sheriff Seth Bullock in "Deadwood," all steely-eyed and rugged like he just stepped out of a dusty Western novel. Then there's Marshal Raylan Givens in "Justified," with his quick wit and quicker draw, cementing Olyphant as this archetype of a rough-and-tumble American anti-hero.

But Olyphant isn't just about being the tough guy. He flips the script and nails it in "Santa Clarita Diet," showing off this wicked sense of humor that's as unexpected as it is hilarious.

The real magic of Olyphant is how he slips into each character's skin, mixing that natural charm with a dash of something edgy. His performances are a masterclass in subtlety and strength.

Off-screen, Olyphant has tied the knot with his college love, Alexis Knief, and they're raising three kids together in their Westwood, Los Angeles home. Olyphant keeps a low profile, balancing his acting career with his love for tennis and sports.

Reflecting on his standout roles, there's this understated power he brings to the table. It's all in the way he delivers a line or holds a gaze - a reminder that sometimes the most impactful moments on screen are the ones spoken softly, with eyes that tell a story all their own.

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