Thomas Rhett

Go Inside Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins' Adorable Baby Rooms

Thomas Rhett is giving fans a look inside the charming home where he and his wife, Lauren, are raising their two daughters.

In this new video from People, fans can see that their daughter Willa's room is full of everything a big girl would need. She has her very own big girl bed, an adorable reading corner and even a glittery tent to hide in. And, of course, she has a bunch of stuffed animals to keep her company.

Ada's room is also cozy. She has a picture of her big sister and a closet full of adorable baby clothes. A collection of custom boats, hand-made in Africa, hang from the ceiling. Her mom, Lauren, received them from kids in Haiti when she was on another mission trip. Both girl's rooms are soft and filled with matching white furniture.

"I wish my room was this cool when I was a kid," Thomas jokes in the video.

Take a look at the family's beautiful home in the fun video below.

Thomas and Lauren adopted Willa from Africa after they met her during a mission trip. While they were visiting their future daughter overseas, they found out they were also pregnant with their first biological child. The couple brought Willa home shortly before giving birth to their newborn daughter, Ada James.

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The couple are great at keeping their fans updated on their family life. Recently, Lauren shared some photos of Willa Gray on her first day of school. Her charming smile is enough to light up the room. In other photos, you can see just how much Willa loves her baby sister.

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