Ronnie Garcia Jr. via KVUE

This Whataburger Christmas Display Proves Orange is a Christmas Color

Every year, we get more and more creative with our Christmas trees. And because the earlier you decorate for Christmas, the happier you are, we think this Austinite is seriously full of delicious joy. When you think of Whataburger, do you think of the holiday season? Sure, you probably stop at a few Whataburgers along the way if you're traveling through Texas, but you probably never considered using that signature orange for your own holiday tree. As KVUE reported, Ronnie Garcia, Jr. decided to change that this year.

The tree isn't the only item in the home decked out in Whataburger Christmas gear, either. Even his mantle and special Santa seat was made for the holiday season. Let's just say that Santa will be very pleased to find this Whataburger memorabilia around.

Of the whole set up in his Austin home, there are 55 Whataburger tents, Whataburger coffee creamers, Spicy Ketchup packets, two pie holders, Whataburger cups, Whataburger to-go bags, and a chicken box. Additionally, because he's been a fan for many years, there are multiple pieces of merchandise he's picked up here and there.

The best part of the holiday display is the Santa corner. Will Ronnie leave a chicken strip sandwich waiting for the man in red on Christmas Eve? Only time will tell.

The 19-year-old's Whataburger holiday set-up is seriously impressive. However, he didn't make the Whata-tree alone. As he told KVUE,

"Whataburger hooked me up with ACL passes, so I just have a lot of good memories with Whataburger. And when my friends heard I was making a Whataburger tree, everyone wanted to contribute."

It took a village to build the tree, and the items came from multiple Whataburger restaurants, though those Whataburger tent numbers are definitely fraudulent. However, it's just a Texan's rite of passage to steal one of those things. So what is the main purpose behind Garcia's special Texas fast-food tree?

He's currently attending Austin Community COllege and plans to transfer to Texas State University next year. He hopes, then, to finish up at the University of Texas with a degree in Business Administration. Garcia shared with KVUE that he hoped his Christmas tree would catch the eye of the fast food chain and inspire them to collaborate on a Christmas postcard that could help him raise some funds for his education.

He's not even hoping for a free Whataburger or patty melt. No spicy strawberry biscuits are on his radar. Whataburger, help this student out! After all, he's a loyal fan of Whataburger restaurants, and the burger chain is known for being loyal right back.

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