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Your Inner Child Will Appreciate This Holiday Collaboration

Starbucks and Disney are huge. If, for some odd reason, you doubt this fact, just look at Disney's most recent news. They're in the midst of a 52.4 billion dollar deal to acquire 21st Century Fox. Oh, and Starbucks? Try to find one without a line at any given hour on any given day. (We'll be waiting here until you do.) That's why when we heard that Starbucks and Disney were collaborating to bring the world a holiday mug we were so excited.

No, the mug itself isn't huge, but the concept is. We'll stop geeking out now and show you the darn thing.

There are multiple Instagram accounts dedicated to Disney-themed mugs, but the most reputable one seems to be @mugs_of_disney.

The holiday collaboration isn't Starbucks and Disney's first dance together, and @mugs_of_disney has been posting updates all the while.

Starbucks released Magic Kingdom-themed travel mugs featuring Mickey's silhouette on them earlier this year. This was followed by other Disney park-themed cups, too.

The Hollywood Studios mug featured everyone's favorite green aliens from Toy Story. (If we had one of those, we'd be saying "the claw, the claw, the claw" in our heads every time we picked it up. Moving on.)

There were also, in our opinion, incredibly cute Animal Kingdom mugs. These featured a tiger and some recognizable features from Disney's creature-packed park.

Refinery29 reports that the Starbucks and Disney holiday collaboration mugs are out now. They're available at Starbucks locations in Disney, and they'll run you about $21.99.

Whether you're a hardcore coffee drinker or just someone who wants a little cheer with your cup of joe, the Starbucks and Disney holiday collab. mug is likely for you. It features a ginger bread rendition of Cinderella's castle for crying out loud. Cruella and Ursula aside, who wouldn't get a little bit nostalgic after seeing that?

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