This 'America's Got Talent' Star's Singing Once Caused A Prison Riot
Photo By Marcos Brindicci/Getty Images

This 'America's Got Talent' Star's Singing Once Caused A Prison Riot

America's Got Talent should look into checking to see if some of its contestants are secret X-Men members or not. One prison nurse incited a riot with merely the sound of her angelic voice. ...Or maybe the prisoners didn't like the song. The critical reception is unclear, but regardless, one Dee Dee Simon has that unique feather to put in her cap. Probably makes for a heck of a story when people start bragging about their accomplishments.

Before showing the world she could sing like nobody's business, Simon was a nurse for the San Quentin State Prison for 19 years. As she explained to America's Got Talent's judges and audience, "When I first got there, after I sang a song, a riot broke out." Casually, like it was a normal Friday.

"Then I had to triage everybody," Simon continued. "So I waited all these years, and then they asked me again. I just did it [sang at the prison] two months ago, and it was peace."

Simon proved to be an electrifying talent and went on to impress both the judges and audience alike! But, come on. That's some X-Men stuff — and I mean, like, a B-tier mutant with room to have a cool storyline. She wouldn't be featured in the main run (because nobody but me would watch/read it), but in the right hands? The ability to sing and drive people crazy makes for some captivating angles!

An 'America's Got Talent' Contestant Turned Out To Be An X-Men Character By Inciting A Prison Riot

Story's over. Get out of here. Unless you want to read me rambling about fake comic book stories that have nothing to do with America's Got Talent.

Seriously, all the pieces are there for a fun X-Men thing! I'll set the stage: Dee Dee Simon figures out when she sings, people can have a range of unpredictable reactions. Some people rage out, some fall asleep on the spot, and maybe some can be controlled if Simon tries hard enough.

Maybe she's not a hero. Make her an anti-hero who robs banks and whatnot to survive but makes sure not to kill anybody. You know you'd watch that miniseries. It's better than what Marvel's doing with the MCU at the moment.