Things Get Awkward When Jason Sudeikis Asks Travis Kelce A Personal Question About Taylor Swift
Photo By YouTube/Big Slick Kansas City

Things Get Awkward When Jason Sudeikis Asks Travis Kelce A Personal Question About Taylor Swift

I'm sure Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce had an interesting conversation following a question raised by an in-character Jason Sudeikis. I'm going to have to set this table for y'all properly before we dive into it.

Necessary Context(TM): "Super Fans" was a recurring Saturday Night Live skit popularized by the late Chris Farley, Joe Mantegna, Mike Myers, and Robert Smigel. The skit would center around upcoming sports events as a group of, yes, super fans, rooted for the Chicago Bears — over-the-top accents and all!

Big Slick Celebrity Weekend is an annual fundraising event meant to raise money (and provide a spotlight) for Children's Mercy. (Offering a suite of medical services for children.) This year's BSCW saw some of the Super Fans actors reunite in an homage to Farley. Travis Kelce is there because, you know, he's Travis Kelce and had time for the event!

On top of the typical Super Fans shenanigans, Kelce had a stream of questions thrown his way. About football, yeah. And also about Taylor Swift, which seemed to go over... not great. (As always, I love providing a visual experience whenever I can! Click right in to get right to the chaos!)

It starts off casually enough: "If you wanna new stadium, maybe Travis could ask Taylor to foot the bill." That's fine! Maybe a little rude if you're looking for that, but good-natured! Kelce rolls with it and has a good time!

Then Jason Sudeikis says it. "When are you going to make an honest woman out of her?"

Travis Kelce looks like he could simply die. The awkward laugh. The horrified "Please stop this" smile. Art.

One of the prevailing watercooler conversations involving Swift and Kelce is "When are they going to tie the knot?" Even though the couple got together last year. You can imagine, then, the reason for Kelce's reaction.

Jason Sudeikis Makes A Comment About Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's Relationship

Listen, it was ultimately just a harmless bit. Jason Sudeikis was being his normal, goofy self playing a beloved character. Even though Kelce definitely deflates following the question, he eventually powers through and returns to the quipping and silliness. Many publications will likely use this moment in celebrity history as the basis for many tabloid hit pieces about Kelce and Swift's relationship.

Stop taking these things so seriously, y'all. Read a book. Watch your favorite movie. Relax.