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Keep Warmer in the Winter With These Thermal Curtains

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As winter sets in and the colder temperatures arrive, there are plenty of ways to keep your house warm — from space heaters to fireplaces, everyone has a preference to help keep their house as cozy as possible. However, those things usually involve some significant downsides: they tend to waste money and take up a lot of your free time. Heat can really raise up your energy bill, and fireplaces require a lot of upkeep and tending to. That's why we recommend thermal curtains for winter in addition to those options — because they'll trap the heat you have inside and also keep the draft from your windows outside. To be more specific: you'll save money on your energy bills and you won't waste all of your firewood just to be chilled by an errant breeze that comes through the window.

Most thermal curtains are essentially just blackout curtains — which means they'll actually benefit you all year long. Besides keeping you warm during the winter, they'll also prevent noise from getting into your home (great for apartment living!), block light from getting in to help you sleep better, and even trap cool air in from your AC once the weather warms up. However, your traditional blackout curtains don't always have the, ahem, nicest look — so we wanted to find the best options that don't resemble the bulky and unattractive options that remind us of college dorm rooms or bad hotels. Instead, we rounded up five beautiful curtains (including one in velvet!) that will lower your electric bill, keep you warm, and fit right into your existing decor. Find our top picks here:

The Best Thermal Curtains in 2022

1. The Thickest, Most Insulated Option


HLC.ME Double Insulated Thermal Curtains - Amazon, $47.29

If your biggest priority is keeping a heavy draft out, then you'll love this option: its double-layered, lined, and made with thick fabric for the warmest option possible. They'll block out everything: the light, sound, and the chill. In fact, one five-star reviewer writes: "I cannot say enough good things about these curtains - quality material, thick due to the double layer with white thermal backing, completely blocks out light, and totally stops drafts from my single pane windows next to our couch. I no longer feel any cold drafts once these curtains are closed and our family room where they are installed is appreciably warmer."

2. The Best Option Under $20

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Amazon, $18.76

These thermal curtains black out up to 95% of UV light and are noise-reducing, too. The thermal-regulating fabric also insulates your room, meaning in the summer your room will stay cooler, and in the winter your room will trap heat inside, keeping you comfortable all year long. The price on these makes them well worth the purchase, considering they're also machine-washable and easy to install.

3. The Best Option That Comes in Multiple Colors


Deconovo Back Tab and Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains - Amazon, $28.99+

Deconovo's blackout window curtains come with two panels and reduce up to 98% of sunlight and streetlights — and they block out heat during the summer (hello, cheaper energy bills) while keeping you warm during the cold weather months. They are machine-washable, too: just be sure to let them air dry. We love that they also come in a number of unique colorways to match your bedroom: while most thermal curtains come in dark grey or black, you can snag this one in blush pink, rich green, royal blue, burgundy, and more.

4. A Linen Curtain With Thermal Liners


NICETOWN Flax Linen Curtains with Thermal Liner - Amazon, $46.95

If you don't like the look of the thicker blackout curtains, you can spring for this 100% flax linen option — what makes them thermal is the liner underneath, so you can keep the look of airy linen curtains while still ensuring things stay warm and cozy inside. Reviewers rave about how beautiful these curtains are: we recommend them for a living room to keep things warm while also preventing a glare on your television.

5. A Beautiful Set of Thermal Curtains for Winter — In Velvet


HOMEIDEAS 100% Blackout Velvet Curtains - Amazon, $41.99+

Again, if you're picky about your home decor, you're probably as interested in the look of the curtain as well as its thermal capabilities. You can have both with these beautiful, on-trend velvet curtains that come in a number of neutral colors and rich gem tones. They're thick, high-quality, and will add a unique vintage touch to your space while still keeping you cozy warm when the temperature drops outside.

And Don't Forget...


Standard Decorative Curtain Rod with Brackets - Amazon, $11.98

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