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Theo Von Has Social Media in Stitches With Jelly Roll Impression

Jelly Roll can't help the way he sounds and the tangents he goes on at award ceremonies. He never wants his gratitude and appreciation to go unnoticed, going to biblical proportions in his speeches. It can definitely be heartwarming, sure. Regardless, it doesn't stop Theo Von from poking fun at him.

In a recently posted podcast clip, comedian Theo Von sits with fellow stand-up Joey 'CoCo' Diaz to laugh about the "I Need a Favor" heavyweight. He about his emotional intensity every time he hits the stage with a killer impression. "Jelly Roll, every time he wins an award, he gets up there and he's like, 'I just wanna thank, right now there's somebody stuck under a bridge," he says in a husky, raspy voice. "There's somebody out there that's got a size 11 foot in a size 8 tennis shoe. And I just wanna say you can f-king live your dreams!"

CoCo Diaz wheezes in laughter at how scarily accurate the impression is. Naturally, this incentivizes Theo to keep shooting from the hip, doubling down on the absurdity of it all. His voice isn't perfect but the mannerisms and the detail in his words is astonishing. He continues, "He's so full of feelings, bro... 'I was a Maître d' at a Macaroni Grill, and now I'm a Grammy Award winning artist!... in 40 days and with only 90 singing lessons you can win a f——-g American Music Award!"


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Fans are Dying of Laughter From Theo Von Impression

At the very least, Jelly Roll is taking it in jest. Evidently, he embraces the earnest nature of his speeches. He warmly replies in the comments, "I love you Theo and Uncle CoCo."

Similarly, his wife knows how funny Von's impression is with a simple 'Lmaoooo.' You have to be able to take the occasional jab at your significant other.

Still, fans of Jelly Roll in the comments are reaffirming the effectiveness of his speeches. One user comments, "I'm convinced that jelly's acceptance speeches are a sermon, that man preaches and I love it."

Others are trying to nail what makes Theo Von's impression so damn accurate. Who or what could he possibly be channeling to nail this imitation so well? One person laughs, "it's a combination of a preacher, a sports announcer, and a auctioneer."