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'The Voice': Gwen Stefani Questions Letting Jacquie Roar Go After Powerful Performance

"I'm sitting here're so dumb."

"The Voice" coaches make some hard decisions when it comes to the future of their singers on the show, and sometimes they come to question those decisions later. Gwen Stefani experienced that during Monday night's Playoff performances when Team Reba member Jacquie Roar (who was previously on Team Gwen) gave a striking performance of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain."

Roar mentioned her desire to forge a career as a country rock artist, and this Fleetwood Mac classic helped solidify her star power. The song started off quietly, as Roar sang the first few lines of the verse while walking onto the stage. When the chorus hit, Roar began to take her voice up a notch, amplifying until she showed her true vocal power. The middle of the song specifically showcased her powerful range and control, and she brought her voice back to a quiet place to finish the song.

The coaches looked truly awestruck as they watched Roar perform, and their evaluation of her performance showed just how impressive of a singer she is. John Legend stated that the cover is his favorite performances of Roar's so far. He called it "emphatic" and "tasteful." When the camera moved to Stefani, however, she immediately covered her face with her hands.

"I'm sitting here going, 'Who are you Gwen Stefani? How could you let her go to Reba? Like, you're so dumb,'" Stefani said, laughing with disbelief.

Stefani then praised Roar for never looking nervous, and she called the performance the "perfect competition moment."

McEntire then complimented Roar on the performance, especially highlighting the singer's ability to go from belting to singing quietly in a moment. After hearing Roar's performance, McEntire told the other coaches, "Y'all pray for me," as she had a tough decision weighing her down.

In the end, McEntire chose Roar to advance to the live shows. She joins two other talented singers from Team Reba.

"The Voice" airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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