Photo: Casey Durkin/NBC

'The Voice' Fans Blast Show For Making Tae Lewis Follow Up Asher HaVon's Showstopper

There were a lot of people up in arms about the way The Voice handled their semi-final episode. The smash NBC show had contestant Tae Lewis close the show with a performance of Lonestar's "Amazed." It wasn't an issue with Lewis though. Rather, some thought his placement on the show's run card set him up for failure.

Lewis had to follow up the grand spectacle of fellow contestant Asher HaVon. Performing Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable," HaVon was flocked by a stirring live band and a crew of backup dancers that chewed up the scenery as he sang.

A lot of fans were a little skeptical of his performance. Many on Reddit believed that HaVon's song choice didn't fit him and it didn't showcase his strengths the best. Regardless, The Voice coaches loved it, specifically Reba McEntire highlighting how well HaVon was "illuminating the stage."

This placed Tae Lewis in an awkward position. His closing performance didn't have the pageantry and grand spectacle that HaVon brought to the table. One Reddit user said, "I'm not sure who thought having Tae perform AFTER the big production for Asher was a good idea."

Fans Loved Tae Lewis' Performance On 'The Voice'

Regardless of the circumstances, fans were enamored with what Lewis brought to the table. In many ways, the performance spotlighted Lewis and how malleable he is as a vocalist. Despite not having the over-the-top backup, I'd argue his rendition of "Amazed" put him over the top. He highlighted how he could dip into other genres by force of will, inflections of soul, gospel, and country all woven into one. His voice outweighed everything else.

Plenty of fans also share this sentiment. "OK, this is Tae's best performance to date," one user said of his cover, "I really hope has a career post-Voice. Cause dude can sing."

The coaches were equally blown away. Shay Mooney of the duo Dan + Shay encouraged Lewis, saying "Nashville's so proud of you, and we're proud of you, man,"

If Lewis pursues country music further, I think he can be a true powerhouse in Nashville. Barring any industry holdups, he has a powerful voice and only adds dimensionality to what country could be as a genre.