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'The Voice': Blake Shelton Remembers Late Brother in Emotional Moment With Team Member


The Voice continued into the Playoffs on Monday night on NBC, and the episode brought a particularly emotional moment between coach Blake Shelton and one of his team members, NOIVAS. According to ET, while the singer was rehearsing for what became a show-stopping version of The Beatles' "Come Together," the two bonded over their common tragedies of losing a brother.

When talking about their commonalities, NOIVAS remarked, "We're both two tall guys, pretty good looking, if I say so myself. And, even the fact that we've both lost brothers."

NOIVAS revealed that he lost his brother Alfred, a physical therapist, when he was 21 years old. The singer says his brother inspired him to chase his dreams in music before he passed.

"The last thing he told me, was to just do me," NOIVAS said of his late brother. "It wasn't until I lost my brother that I started to become fearless."


Shelton has been open about the loss of his brother, Richie, who passed away from a car accident when the singer was only 14 years old. He commented on how excited his brother would have been to see all the success he has had in the music industry.

"My brother, he would have freaked out if he had known what I went on to do," Shelton said. "He was such a huge music fan. You'd hear him coming six blocks away, the stereo blaring out of his truck."

He also commented that it's "cool" that NOIVAS' brother had the chance to see him do music before he passed away.

Shelton doesn't often talk about his late brother, but he famously let the music speak about the tragedy in "Over You," a song co-written by the singer and ex-wife Miranda Lambert and released by Lambert in 2012. The song went on to win the CMA Award and ACM Award for Song of the Year following its release.


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