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'The Voice': Blake Shelton Cover Leads to Battle Between 'Queen of Country' and 'Queen of Shelton'

Gwen vs. Reba.

On Tuesday night's episode of The Voice (Oct. 3) a singer named Bias had to make a tough decision: should he choose Queen Reba or Queen Shelton as his coach? The 23-year-old took the stage to daringly sing Blake Shelton's powerful anthem, "God's Country," which certainly earned the attention of Shelton's wife, Gwen Stefani. But the former No Doubt band member wasn't the only one interested in the singer. Reba McEntire, the long-honored "Queen of Country," also heard something in Bias' energetic and "air-kicking" performance. She, too, turned her chair for the Chattanooga, Tennessee native.

Both coaches used the fact that Bias sang a Shelton song to their advantage, but in different ways. Stefani, of course, touted the fact that she is married to Shelton, and she conveniently changed her name to Gwen Shelton, or Queen Shelton, just to get her point across.

"[He's] just a phone call away," she said, while holding up her phone.

McEntire scoffed at Stefani's use of her wife status in trying to win over Bias. She then quickly grabbed her Queen scepter to remind everyone that she's the "Queen of Country."

Between battling one another, both coaches praised Bias for his performance of the undeniably difficult song. Stefani said that Shelton, himself, has mentioned how hard the song is to sing. She also shared her appreciation for his "energy" and "spirit" and said she'd love to help him develop his voice further. McEntire, similarly, complimented his energy and said he was "kicking some major butt" onstage. She also offered him her signature "Reba's Tots" if he joins her team.

At the end of the segment, Bias had a hard decision to make, and John Legend punctuated that tough choice when he asked the singer to choose between Queen Shelton and the Queen of Country.

After Bias deliberated for a moment — and Carson Daly and Bias' family consulted a cardboard cutout of Shelton — the singer chose to become part of the Team Gwen family. Stefani was visibly surprised at Bias' choice and concluded "it was the ring" that won him over.

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