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Video Premiere: The Shootouts Share Ohio Lore on Rowdy 'Rattlesnake Whiskey'

Ohio-based country band The Shootouts share a bit of Buckeye State lore on "Rattlesnake Whiskey," the latest release from their forthcoming album Bullseye (out April 30 via Soundly Music).

The Shootouts lead singer Ryan Humbert says the song was inspired by a book about a small town in Ohio.

"'The book claimed that in olden times, locals would defend themselves against rattlesnakes by pouring whiskey into their mouths. That story stuck with me and ended up morphing into this song about a bootlegger and his familythe folks that secretly made moonshine for small towns like those in this book," Humbert tells Wide Open Country. "The song has been around since The Shootouts began, and quickly became a live staple and fan favorite. We recorded it for the Quick Draw album but didn't quite capture it the way we had wanted. I'm so glad we gave it another shot with Chuck [Mead] at the helm—we finally got it right!"

Watch the video for "Rattlesnake Whiskey" below.

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Bullseye, the follow-up to The Shootouts' 2019 album Quick Draw, was produced by former BR549 singer Chuck Mead.

For more information on The Shootouts, visit their official website.

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