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We Found the Perfect Valentine's Day Shirt for Single Ladies Who Love Whiskey and Tequila

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Anyone else celebrating Valentine's Day alone? Yeah, me too! There's nothing wrong with that. You really have to keep your standards high these days. In fact, I don't trust many men. The only men I trust are Jack, Jim, and Jose. And no, that's not my dad's, grandpa's, and neighbor's names. Of course, Jack, Jim, and Jose refer to our favorite liquor brands.

This T-shirt is perfect for Valentine's Day! Forget putting on your best dress for a dinner date, this T-shirt and a pair of your comfiest leggings will do. You can find the graphic tee on Amazon. There are various styles available, ranging from pullovers, crewnecks, hoodies, and more unisex options. Add this to your Amazon wishlist today! They should ship in a few business days from the United States, meaning they'll get here just in time for the special holiday.

Funny The Only Men I Trust Shirts

1. The Only Men I Trust Jack Jim Jose Funny Raglan Baseball Tee

Everyone is going to love your new shirt! It's relatable, quirky, and just stinkin' cute.

This T-shirt is made from high-quality materials. Be sure to refer to the size chart before checking out!

2. Womens The Only Men I Trust Jack Jim Jose Funny V-Neck T-Shirt

Order this shirt in a tank top style for summer pool days. It's definitely in theme for the 4th of July and rowdy birthday parties! Oh, I could use a glass of Jack right now.

This post was originally published on January 8, 2021.