Brett Eldredge
Screengrab via YouTube

Brett Eldredge's New Video for 'The Long Way' Features Sadie Robertson



Brett Eldredge just released the official music video for "The Long Way," a new single off his recent self-titled album. In the clip, Eldredge meets a girl, played by Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson, and travels around her hometown with her.

The love song is another in a long line of swoon-worthy Eldredge tunes, and this music video is sure to make every romantic go "aww." As they drive around in a classic ragtop convertible, Eldredge and Robertson make stops at her fictional childhood home and family barn.


It all makes perfect sense, since the song is about getting to know someone through their sleepy hometown. "I'd love to see just where you daddy met your momma," Eldredge sings. "Your hand-me-down, '99 Impala. Show me the field you danced in Clover. The harvest in October. When the leaves fall from the sky just like a Sunday drive."

It's a beautiful sentiment. The clip also does a great job of creating a wistful experience, using soft light and gentle angles to capture the on-screen romance.

Eldredge cowrote "The Long Way" with Matt Rogers, and the track has just cracked the Top 40 on the radio charts. With any luck, the beautiful ballad will make it into the top 20 in the next few weeks. Quirky and unconventional lead single "Somethin' I'm Good At" peaked in the 20s, but "The Long Way" is the kind of song radio should love.

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