The Game of Thrones Drinkware True Fans Need in Their Kitchens

The latest Game of Thrones season is over, and we have a long way to wait for the final season. Season 8's air date hasn't been released yet, but rumors are milling around that it might not be airing until 2019. Until then, I'll have to satisfy my GOT craving by binge-watching every season on repeat and reading every possible fan theory and spoiler alert possible.

I'm also hoping to spark some conversation at the Thanksgiving table, during Christmas dinner, and obviously during my New Year's toast. This Game of Thrones drinkware collection is the perfect way to let everyone know I'm a super fan (and totally willing to entertain fan theories, of course!).

Here's a sneak peek at some of my favorite options.

1. I Drink & I Know Things Shot Glass

Tyrion Lannister's famous words are a regular incantation in my house. This exclusive shot glass is the perfect way to take a stab at Cersei every time we toast! Pick up the shot glass here.

2. Hodor Mug

I'm still crying. I can't stop crying. I don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it, but hold the door! This coffee mug is the perfect way to celebrate Hodor as my all-time favorite GOT character.

3. Dragon Egg Wine Stoppers

Three wine stoppers for three dragons...well, spoiler alert...two living dragons and one undead one. Never you mind, Daenerys Targaryen's three dragon children will live on in my house, and maybe one day I'll be the mother of dragons, too!

4. Game of Thrones Champagne Flutes

There is no more perfect a way to ring in the New Years than toasting with these etched champagne flutes.

Make sure you grab your favorite family crest (Lion for House Lannister, Direwolf for House Stark, Dragon for House Targaryen, and Bear for House Mormont).

5. Night King Ice Cube Tray

Winter is coming...errr, Winter is Here. Using this ice cube tray, shape your cocktail ice into the shade of the Knight King. You might need to make an extra Old Fashioned to keep yourself warm at the thought of these icy villains!

So which glassware will you pick up as you wait for Season 8? At least we know there's always themed wine and beer to be enjoyed while we wait.

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