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The 5 Best Halo Top Flavors You Need to Try Now

Sure, there are countless nice creams on the market promising you a similar taste to the ice cream we all know and love—think Ben and Jerry's, here. However, when it comes down to taste testing these various dairy free and low calorie ice creams, it's easy to find yourself instantaneously disappointed. Well, until Halo Top, that is.

Thankfully, there is green grass this side of the ice cream world. Though it may seem daunting at first, though you may want to throw in the towel on nice creams, we encourage you to read on. Why? Because we've tested every flavor of the ever popular Halo Top that's on the market.

There are, with the addition of their seven new flavors, a total of 24 flavors soon-to-be available for public consumption. If you've ever been to the store and stalked out Halo Top just to stare aimlessly at the multitude of flavors; take our words of advice.

While there are countless flavors to test and try, not every single one is worthy enough to make the cut. Luckily for you, we took the work out of it and have tested them all. Alas, here are the top 5 flavors you must try before any of the other ones. No, seriously, try one . . . or all . . . of these, like, yesterday.

1. Oatmeal Cookie

This tastes like everything you love, if you love cinnamon and the idea of snickerdoodle cookies. Filled with hints of cinnamon, along with oats sprinkled in, this makes for the perfect cookie craving alternative.

2. Strawberry

We're going to be honest here: strawberry ice cream is not our jam. But for some reason, this stuff is creamy and sweet in just the right way, giving you that real ice cream taste with a texture and flavor to match.

Sure, it's strange that it made number 2 on the list, but once you take one bite, we promise it'll all make sense.

3. Red Velvet

This is what dreams are actually made of. As if red velvet couldn't get any better as it did when some crafty genius decided to make a red velvet cookie . . .we were presented with red velvet Halo Top.

No, this doesn't taste like a red velvet cupcake you'd get at your favorite bakery in town, but it will satisfy your desire to have said cupcake. Plus, it has chunks of brownie scattered in it. What's better than that!?

4. Chocolate Mocha Chip

if you like the idea of mocha ice cream but aren't a fan of the usual overwhelming coffee flavor to it, this pint was made for you.

With chunks of chocolate chips scattered throughout and a hint of mocha flavor, you'll be glad you took the plunge despite possible FOMO (AKA fear of missing out).

5. Pistachio

We know this seems outrageous, but if you've ever been into a gelato store, you've probably seen this as one of the flavors. Not only that, you were probably so turned off by the color and the flavor, that you wouldn't dare to try it.

The good news is that this stuff is amazing. Nutty yet sweet, it's the ultimate way to hit two flavor birds with one ice cream stone, if you know what we mean.

Are you a Halo Top fan whose favorite didn't make this list? Let us know what your favorites are below! We love a good challenge.

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