The Best Country Songs of 2024
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The 10 Best Country Songs of 2024 (So Far)

Lately, we've had a harvest of sublime country tunes from performers such as Post Malone (he teamed with Morgan Wallen on "I Had Some Help"), Zach Bryan, Luke Combs, and Shaboozey. The exuberant Jelly Roll has his niche on the list, too.

Beyonce boldly staked her claim in the country genre with her album Cowboy Carter, proving she could hold her own with legends (her soulful cover of Jolene gives Dolly Parton a run for her money).

We all have our special country music earworms that invite singing along, get us up on our feet on the dance floor, or evoke bittersweet memories of a cherished lost love.Here are what we believe are some of the best country songs of 2024 so far. Think about finding a place for them on your personal country music playlist if you haven't already.

Top Country Songs Of 2024

"I Had Some Help" By Post Malone

This song hit the airwaves toting an impeccable pedigree. Post Malone joined forces with two powerhouses who qualify as music royalty - Taylor Swift and Beyonce - on other tunes prior to recording this one. The Malone juggernaut rolled along with equal success when he linked up with Morgan Wallen on this track.

According to Billboard, "I Had Some Help" achieved absurd first-week numbers in streams, sales and radio play" practically right out of the gate.

It's easy to hear why. An irresistible, bouncy toe-tapper, "I Had Some Help" has the hallmarks of a classic country song with plenty of staying power.

"Texas Hold 'Em" By Beyonce

You gotta love this song, with its bewitching combination of sass and sophistication. Beyonce showed that she's a gal who clearly does know her way around a country tune like a seasoned Nashville pro.

Praised as "a hookfest" by Top 40 Theory, with spoken lyrics, vocal texture, and other catchy twists galore, "Texas Hold 'Em" catapulted to the peak of the Billboard Hot 100. It also landed Queen Bey in the history books. She is the first Black female to occupy the highest rung of the Hot Country Songs ladder.

If anyone needs more proof of Beyonce's sure-footed versatility and fearless artistry, check out the other tracks on Cowboy Carter.

"A Bar Song (Tipsy)" By Collins Obinna Chibuez

You might not recognize the name Collins Obinna Chibueze, but scores of fans know him as the-one-and-only Shaboozey (an incorrect pronunciation of his last name). Many professional hats perch on this dynamic artist's head - rapper, record producer, filmmaker, singer, musician, and songwriter.

Thegrio opined, "...Shaboozey's voice is crazy, his songwriting is amazing. Package-wise, he's primed to hop into that country music lane..."

Shaboozey is already zooming down that country lane at 100 miles an hour, judging by "A Bar Song (Tipsy)." He performs it like he's a country music natural who's been doing it forever - mellow, totally at ease, a consummate artist.

"23" By Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham really has the right stuff. The American Idol champ from 2021 made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart with this song, which he wrote and performed on Idol.  Movie-star handsome, humble, and blessed with abundant talent, we predict he'll be a staple on hit music charts for years to come.

Beckham has certainly known tons of heartache. Billboard cited his previously "heavy alcohol use," and "a near-fatal car accident in 2020."

He infuses "23" with feeling bred of his own bitter experience with drinking. The grittiness of the lyrics and Beckham's earnest delivery combine to pack a hefty wallop.

"Take Her Home" By Kenny Chesney

Guy meets girl in a honky-tonk joint. He's smitten. She's the woman of his dreams - or so he thinks. Sounds pretty clichéd, right? If you think so, you don't know Kenny Chesney.

Written by three individuals including HARDY (that's singer/songwriter Michael Wilson Hardy), "Take Her Home" incorporates a sweet surprise that ties the narrative together and leaves you grinning.

Chesney discussed the song with Holler: "When I heard 'Take Her Home,' I just laughed. It was everything life is made of in less than four minutes. It's true, honest and all the stuff that's easy to forget."

The song's upbeat message is pure Kenny Chesney. He added, "I can't wait to hear people singing this one back to us, because it's going to be one of those moments. I just know."

"I Am Not Okay" By Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll's "I Am Not Okay" is a heartfelt and reassuring admission that he has experienced gut-wrenching doldrums but takes strength from knowing things will get better. As Taste of Country put it, he has felt the restorative "sunlight breaking through the shadows."

At a time when mental health is being discussed and prioritized by celebrities, professional athletes, and rank-and-file folks all over the nation, this song truly meets the moment.

"'I Am Not Okay' is out now," Jelly Roll wrote on Instagram. "For everyone going through something—it's okay to not be okay, but its all gonna be alright!"

"Whoever You Turn Out To Be" By Luke Combs

Luke Combs dons his dad hat for "Whoever You Turn Out To Be," a memorable track from his just-released Fathers & Sons album. He has two young sons of his own - Tex, born on June 19, 2022 and Beau, who came along on August 15, 2023.

What could be more empowering than to be told that your father loves you unconditionally, no matter what path you take in life or how you evolve into adulthood?  That is the poignant takeaway from "Whoever You Turn Out To Be."

This song is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye and a pang to the heart, even if you aren't a parent.

"28" By Zach Bryan

OutKick has rhapsodized about Zach Bryan: "His songs tell stories. They're ballads full of joy, heartbreak, pain, optimism and any other emotion you can think of."

His fans would agree. He is a troubadour and a truth-teller extraordinaire.

Bryan's song, "28," establishes that. Its theme is gratitude for who you are and where you are in life. "Me and all the guys one time were bowling in New York City," he said, "and I looked at all my best friends in the entire world and I realized how lucky I was to be in that exact moment, and I wrote this song about being content."

"28" isn't just a song. It's a drama. The second the final note sounds, you won't be able to wait to hear this masterpiece again.

"Mind Of A Country Boy" By Luke Bryan

The price of diesel. Drinking beer. Shooting whiskey. The cost of corn. Stealing a kiss.

Those are the simple, homespun things on the mind of a country boy, according to Luke Bryan in his song of that name from his album with that title.

"This song not only shows what can run through my mind but also what most us country boys think about on any given day," Bryan said, according to mykix1009. "The girl we love, outdoors, life and not getting above our raising."

"Wish I Never Felt" By Nate Smith

Anyone who has ever had a broken - no, shattered - heart after a romance is declared kaput will gravitate to Nate Smith's "Wish I Never Felt."

The melancholy lyrics say it all: "They say the crash is always worth the high / But I'm losing my mind / I'm closing my eyes at night, but I ain't sleeping / The forever I saw I can't unsee it."

You'll wince with recognition as you listen to this beautifully plaintive song. It's clear that Smith has been there and done that. And he wistfully hopes to emerge on the other side.