Does a $1,500 Homemade Chicken Sandwich from Scratch Taste Better Than Fast Food?

I'll be willing to bet that you never imagined what it really meant for you to make a chicken sandwich "from scratch." I'll also tell you that you've probably never managed to do so despite your best intentions. Andy George, on the other hand, thought very seriously about this question and decided to find out what exactly it would take to make a delicious chicken sandwich from scratch. It turned out that it only took him six months and $1,500 to manage it.

When he says that this sandwich was made from scratch, he means to say that everything was made by hand, including the salt. For this sandwich, George went out and grew his own vegetables, made his own salt from ocean water, milked a cow to make cheese, ground his own flour from wheat, collected honey, and killed a chicken.

Imagine, all that work for 10 bites of food! Are you ready to see everything that it took to create a sandwich? Watch the video here.

So for all that effort, you'd expect a wonderfully delicious handmade sandwich, wouldn't you? Well, unfortunately, the review was merely average. Or as George said, "It's ok."

How does that make you feel? With all the encouragement to make things from scratch and to buy locally, you would imagine that there is a reason to do so. You know, like the resulting food tastes great or you're doing wonderful things for the environment.

However, it appears that George still had to take planes and cars and spend an inordinate amount of time crafting what we could put together in 20 minutes. So what does that mean? Is there a balance that we can strike between benefitting from our industrial supply chains as well as doing some food preparation ourselves?

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