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11 Condiments You Should Make at Home Instead of Buying

Of course it's easier to grab condiments off the shelf in the grocery store and pack them into your pantry for later use. That way, at least you know you'll always have backup stock when you accidentally run out just before a cookout. However, those condiments that you're thoughtlessly purchasing are absolutely loaded with sugar and preservatives and other unpronounceable ingredients that you would probably rather not have in your body. So what if we told you that it's just as easy to make homemade condiments as it is to purchase them?

Don't look at us like that! We promise it's easy and it's better for you.

Seriously, most toppings and dipping sauces are a cinch to whip up. Here are 10 homemade condiment recipes to prove to you that DIY condiments don't just taste better, it's even easier than picking up a bottle or jar at the store.

1. Mayonnaise

Raw eggs? Yep. Although the thought of working with raw food may be intimidating, it's actually quite easy and safe as long as you know what you're doing.

Plus, a good homemade mayonnaise is the base for so many other sauces and dishes that being able to whip up a batch on a dime will be invaluable in expanding your cooking repertoire. Get a recipe here.

2. Aioli

Instead of just adding some boring old garlic to your newly mastered mayo, upgrade to black garlic. You'll find yourself wanting to put the sauce on everything.

From roast potatoes to steamed vegetables, this homemade condiment will be an irresistible addition. Get a recipe here.

3. Pesto

With four main ingredients -  basil, pine nuts, Parmigiano-Reggiano and olive oil - this simple sauce brings so much flavor to the mix. Add it to some ricotta and watch the magic happen.

Get a recipe here.

4. Green Goddess Dressing

It's called the green goddess for a reason because this condiment is absolutely heavenly.

With a creamy base and loaded with herbs like tarragon, chervil, and chives, you can drizzle this homemade condiment over greens, top crackers, or simply dunk in some veggies. Get a recipe here.

5. Hot Sauce

You will always need a hot sauce to give a hint of zing to your meat and potatoes. So learn to make it.

That way, you can change up the level of heat as often as you want. Get a recipe here.

6. Pimento Cheese

A beloved condiment in the South, pimento cheese can elevate your grilled cheese to unimagined heights as well as serve as an easy appetizer.

Once you find out how simple it is to make, you'll never go back to buying it at the store. Get a recipe here.

7. Hummus

Chickpeas, tahini, paprika, and olive oil. That's all it takes to bring a taste of the Mediterranean into your weeknight meals. And the best thing about hummus is that you can vary the batch size so easily.

Get a recipe here.

8. Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce will become your secret summertime weapon. Make this homemade condiment spicy or make it sweet.

Once you learn the basics you can easily change things up and give more variety to your meals than you ever imagined possible. Get a classic bbq sauce recipe here.

9. Quick Pickled Vegetables

Pickles are great and easy to make. A fresh addition to any plate, you can experiment with variety once you master the basic recipe.

Basically, it's equal parts vinegar and water which you can then customized with herbs and other spices to suit your fancy. Get a recipe here.

10. Animal Sauce

This condiment can't even be purchased at the store. For Animal Sauce you have to go to In-n-Out. But why bother when all you really want is the sauce?

Instead, learn to make it at home so that you can dump it on everything - not just hamburgers. Get a recipe here.

11. Ketchup

Homemade ketchup is one of the easiest condiment recipes to make. Trust us, your hot dogs and hamburgers will thank you for whipping up your own ketchup. Get a recipe here.

This article was originally published on January 27, 2018.

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