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Texas Shoppers Line up to Visit New Hill Country Aldi for Grocery Deals

Aldi is a brand-spanking chain in Texas. The first two stores came to the Lone Star State this past May. Locals are excited, too; Aldi is, for lack of a better phrase, pretty darn sweet. The chain is the sole purveyor of an affordable, award-winning rosé, for instance. Just the other day, Travis County received its first store. It should be no surprise that Texas Hill Country shoppers lined up to visit the new Aldi.

The Austin metro area was lacking Aldi, the Germany-based grocery store chain that's currently taking Texas by storm. That said, the new location is in Pflugerville. If you're in the area or just passing through, you can expect high-quality products at incredibly affordable prices at the Pflugerville Aldi.

While Aldi may not have the same air about it as, say, Whole Foods, the chain is nothing to mess with. They're fighting giants like Amazon by joining the online grocery store movement.

That said, the new location in the Austin metro area was very much so an in-person event. Some people drove over 40 miles, getting ready to check Aldi out as early as 4:00 AM. All in all, hundreds attending the opening day event.

Initial reviews are mixed. The Austin-American Statesmen quoted one shopper who wasn't too excited. She wants Aldi to know that everything's bigger in Texas. Her idea was to make the physical store a bit larger.

We had a little trouble finding photos of the actual Pflugerville location, but Aldi, in general, doesn't make Costco-sized stores. The concept of Aldi, cited as similar in size to a pharmacy, is to get in and out quickly. Some people were happy with the new location, size and all, though.

Having an Aldi in the Austin metro area means less of a drive for many people that love the chain. What used to be an hour for some has been sliced down to 20 minutes.

While hundreds took rides both long and short to the new store on opening day, only time will tell if Aldi can survive in an ever-changing grocery store climate.

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