Gondola Ride Texas
Courtesy of Gondola Adventures, Inc.

This Texas Gondola Ride is Perfect for a Summer Date Night

Did you know that just outside of Dallas you can take a gondola ride that makes you feel like you're in Italy? That's right, head to Irving immediately because Gondola Adventures, Inc has your next date night covered. What sounds better on a hot summer night than unwinding with a glass of wine and the one you love out on the water for a relaxing gondola ride as you watch the sunset?

The company, which offers gondola cruises in Newport Beach, California, started their Texas cruises in 2002. They offer various cruise experiences on Lake Carolyn and through the Mandalay Canal. This is a first class experience and a little more high tech than you might find in Venice. You can even take a dinner cruise catered by the Omni Mandalay Hotel which sounds like something everyone needs to experience. And because this is a true gondola ride, you can either have your gondolier sing or just play romantic music.

Texas Gondola Ride

Courtesy Gondola Adventures, Inc.

Prices for the Classic Cruise start at $150 and go up from there depending on the experience you're after. You can choose from a Casual Italian Dinner Cruise, Exquisite Dinner Cruise, Dessert Cruise, or even a Breakfast Cruise. Pick your favorite meal and there's a cruise to go along with it. The cruises start at one hour but some go up to two, depending on what's involved.

One of the coolest parts about these cruises is that you get to customize them however you want. You can have fresh flowers waiting on the gondola for your significant other or even scattered rose petals (the perfect accompaniment to a proposal). You can also have special messages delivered to your loved one in a bottle. All you do is email in your note ahead of time and they will put the message on a nice parchment scroll inside of a bottle and have it appear as a surprise during the boat ride. How cool is that?

So this summer when you're looking around for a fun date night option, consider Gondola Adventures for a memorable night that neither of you will forget.

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