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Texas Favorite Shiner Launches First-Ever Super Bowl Commercial

Texans aren't fair-weather fans; when they find a brand they love, they stick with it. Consider the huge fanbase of Whataburger throughout the country, and the success of H-E-B and Central Market in the state. Even Fiesta Mart is a Texas-born brand that inspires serious loyalty. When it comes to beer, the Texas craft brewing industry might be booming, but there's one iconic brew that has been a standby. In fact, we even named it one of the beers that built America. That beer is Spoetzl Brewery's own Shiner Bock.

On January 23, 2018, Spoetzl Brewery announced its purchase of $1.2 million Super Bowl spot that will run during the Sunday, February 4 as part of the next phase of its 'This is Shiner Country' campaign. Per the press release, this is the first time the craft beer brand will debut a TV commercial and they plan to air the spot throughout Texas. The 30-second spot makes clear that Shiner isn't going anywhere in the hubbub of Texas craft beer, and the commercial "reinforces its stake as the iconic Texas craft beer loved by longtime residents while giving a warm welcome to new faces, with a country music twist."

Gregor Mina, Director of Marketing for Spoetzl Brewery, stated in the release, "This is a huge step for Shiner. For us, this is a big financial investment; we want to expand our message to reach as many Texans as we can and what better way to do that than by leveraging a Super Bowl spot with all of the incredible attention it receives."

What's behind this new push for Shiner's visibility? Population growth. Mina also pointed out that, "Last year, more people moved to Texas than any other state in the country. The ad reflects how throughout the years, Shiner has woven itself into the rich history and culture of Texas...We truly believe that Shiner is Texas and we want to offer all of these new Texans an ice-cold welcome."

Shiner partnered with Texas country rocker Wade Bowen to host a sweepstakes for lucky fans in the area. For the Super Bowl, Shiner and Bowen will "host a private pre-game backyard BBQ at one lucky winner's home with an acoustic set featuring songs from Bowen's upcoming album, Solid Gold." The album will be released on February 9, so this offers an exclusive sneak peek.

We're just as excited as you are to see this Super Bowl ad, and if there's anything we can guarantee, it's that we'll all feel a little more Texan after watching. After all, it doesn't get more original than Texas' independent brewery, born on January 19, 1909. The brand even survived Prohibition, but that's a story for another day.

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