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Texas Couple's Wedding Photo Shot During Hurricane Harvey Goes Viral

A Texas couple defied Hurricane Harvey last week by making wedding day memories. Now, the photos from their big day are going viral.

The couple, Shelley and Chris Holland, had been planning their wedding for months. Unfortunately, just days before their nuptials, Hurricane Harvey swept in and wrecked all their plans. But the Hollands didn't allow the storm to get them down.

As Shelley explained in a now-viral Facebook post written to Ellen DeGeneres, some kind folks helped the couple still have a great day.

"My husband and I completely lost every plan we made over the last 6 months surrounding our upcoming wedding on September 2 due to Hurricane Harvey," she wrote. "This included our wedding cake, the venue, the chapel the catering and so many other small details."

The story is heartbreaking indeed. But Shelley goes on to explain how her pastor, Jorge Cardenas, and wedding coordinator saved the day. The pair not only helped them find another venue but checked on them several times throughout the day as well.

After the wedding, Shelley decided she wanted to help rebuild the homes and businesses of those who helped her in her hour of need. So, she is now asking for financial aid that will allow the pastor to rebuild his church. The pastor and his congregation hope to begin rebuilding the church very soon.

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In a recent interview with KSAT, Cardenas had some encouraging words for both himself and those trying to recover from damage related to Harvey.

"The reality is that we all go through crisis of our faith in moments like this," he said. "We question 'Why?' I personally asked myself, 'God why me?' The church and my house, all gone and then I said, 'Wait a minute, why not me?' I can take it because I have faith."

With an attitude like that, it won't take long for this church to be back up and running and for families in all of Houston to begin receiving the help they need.

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