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Texas Couple Catches Record-Breaking Bass with a McDonald's Chicken Nugget

One Texas couple is earning headlines for the very special bait they used to snag a record-breaking bass.

Matthew McNellis was enjoying a day on the water with his girlfriend in Ennis, Texas earlier this month when he realized the fish weren't biting. She suggested switching up the bait to attract more fish. So Matthew got creative and attached a McDonald's chicken nugget to the end of his line.

Just moments later, the tasty treat attracted a 24.5-inch-long bass that weighed in at nearly 11 pounds. They proudly took their catch to the nearby Highview Marina where they logged it as the biggest bass catch in Lake Bardwell history.

According to KDAF, the couple released the fish back into the water after snapping a few pictures with their trophy.


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Although it's certainly a unique choice of bait, who can blame the fish for wanting a little fast food? And this won't be the last time McNellis uses snacks as bait, either. He says he plans on using a few seasoned french fries straight from Wendy's during his next fishing trip.

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