Texas Fishermen Use Backhoe to Hoist Record Alligator Gar

A few East Texas fisherman got the surprise of a lifetime when they caught a massive, record-breaking alligator gar.

According to, Laramy Barber, Josh Gibs, Hunter Graham and Zach Royce were competing in the 9th Annual Toledo Bend Classic along the Louisiana/Texas border when they hooked the fish. The giant gar came in at a whopping 258 pounds, breaking a record for the largest catch in event history.

In fact, the gar was so big that they had to use a backhoe to lift it out of the boat. Video shot of the big move has quickly gone viral, racking up over two million views so far. Check it out below.

Now I don't know about you, but I've never caught a catch that big before. So how did they do it? Event officials credit perfect weather and calm conditions in the area for helping the fisherman snag such a surprising catch.

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According to their Facebook post, officials are still researching to see if the gar was also the largest recorded in the entire lake's history. Congrats to these talented fisherman!

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