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Terri Clark Shows Pop-Country How It's Done With 'Young As We Are Tonight'

As Canada's other country music mega-star from the '90s and the current host of the Country Gold radio program, Terri Clark influenced the current crop of country talents. After all, it's easy to assume that Ashley McBryde, Erin Enderlin and former duet partners Dierks Bentley and Dallas Smith bumped Clark's CDs in their pickup trucks while daydreaming about their own Nashville ambitions. With new single "Young As We Are Tonight," Clark joins the modern fray with a song that matches the rocking energy of someone like Luke Combs or Keith Urban while staying true to her longstanding reliance on songwriter-driven content.

The song allows Clark to remind younger talents of how it's done while telling an uplifting story about letting loose and living life. If Clark can pull off echoey vocals and other modern production tropes and still sound "pop" in more of a traditional Ronnie Milsap or Pam Tillis sense, then her talented sonic children should be able to pull it off, too.

Clark did well in the United States in the '90s and beyond with "If I Were You," "You're Easy on the Eyes," "In My Next Life" and other hits. Her success on the homefront surpasses her American fame. She's a 2018 inductee into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and a winner of multiple Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Fan's Choice and Female Artist of the Year awards.

"Young As We Are Tonight" Lyrics

Look at us
Where we are
Just livin' in a field of stars
Just some hearts with some dreams
Running wild like kings and queens
At the county fair little town somewhere
Sundown fades you get lost in the midway lights
And that look in her eye
You got two tickets to the show called life

Whatever you're holdin' in
Let it go
Let it disappear in a ring of smoke
Kiss the sky
Send up a prayer
Wherever you're goin' just go there

Take a look around for a minute
Take a picture in your mind
And send it to yourself
Cuz the truth is you and I
We're never gonna be as young as we are tonight

Let the words and the sound
Take your feet off the ground
Let your love light spark and watch it burn right through the dark
And hang on tight 'cause it's a hell of a ride
But there ain't no need to fight

So kiss that girl and raise up that beer
And be damn proud that you grew up 'round here
You got one life, you got one chance, you got one dance

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