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The 15 Best Terri Clark Songs

Few artists packed as big of a punch as Terri Clark did in the mid-1990s. With her self-titled debut in 1995, Clark introduced her talents to the country music world of Nashville in a big way. Since then, the Canadian country star from Montreal has delivered multiple Top 10 hits in the United States ("Better Things to Do," "If I Were You") along with many longtime fan favorites ("I Cheated On You," "Pain to Kill"). 

From her beginnings as an up and coming singer and songwriter to her more recent studio albums, such as 2015's Some Songs and 2018's Raising the Bar, let's take a look at some of Terri Clark's greatest hits.

1. "Better Things to Do"

Clark delivered the ultimate kiss-off to an ex with this song written by Clark, Tom Shapiro and Chris Waters. "Better Things to Do," Clark's debut single, went to No. 3 on the country charts in 1995.

2. "If I Were You"

Sure, the single life can be great, but sometimes you just want someone to share your life with. That's the message of this 1996 ballad written by Clark, who's fed up with listening to her married friend's relationship drama.

3. "When Boy Meets Girl"

Released as the second single from her debut album, this song written by Clark, Tom Shapiro and Chris Waters explored the effects of young romance and showcased Clark's signature twang.

4. "Girls Lie Too"

Written by Tim Nichols, Kelley Lovelace and Connie Harrington, "Girls Lie Too" is a tongue-in-cheek track name-checking a few things girls may stretch the truth on. Like Mindy McCready's "Guys Do It All the Time," the song flips the script on the narrative of the woman waiting patiently at home. The song hit No. 1 in 2004.

5. "You're Easy on the Eyes"

Another composition by Clark, Shapiro and Waters, this track about a handsome heartbreaker was Clark's first No. 1 single in the U.S.

6. "I Just Wanna Be Mad"

From 2003's Pain to Kill, "I Just Wanna Be Mad" follows a woman in a marital spat who's not quite ready to make up yet.

7. "Emotional Girl"

The first track on Clark's 1996 record Just the Same, this unapologetic ode to sharing your innermost feelings was a top 10 hit in 1997.

8. "Poor Poor Pitiful Me"

First written and recorded by Warren Zevon in 1976 (and famously covered by Linda Ronstadt), "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" received a '90s update by Terri Clark when she recorded it for her 1996 album Just the Same.

9. "Everytime I Cry"

Written by Bob Regan and Karen Staley, this song about a cycle of heartbreak inflicted by an ex who keeps returning was the third single from Clark's 1998 album How I Feel.

10. "A Little Gasoline"

The first single from Clark's 2000 album Fearless says the key to moving on from a bad relationship is "a road and a little gasoline."

11. "Now That I Found You"

This romantic cut was featured on Clark's 1998 LP How I Feel and went on to become another No. 1 hit.

12. "She Didn't Have Time"

Written by Pat Bunch and Nicole Witt, this track from Clark's album Life Goes On follows a single mother rebuilding her life and caring for her daughter.

13. "Suddenly Single"

Another great song written by Clark, Shapiro and Waters, "Suddenly Single" is a stellar hardcore country song about an unfaithful barfly.

14. "No Fear"

This track from Clark's 2000 record Fearless is a fitting tribute to living with bravery. The song was written by Clark and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

15. "I Wanna Do It All"

An anthem for living life to the fullest, this track, written by Tim Nichols, Rick Giles and Gilles Godard, was a No. 3 hit for Clark in 2004.

Honorable mention songs: "One of the Guys," "Dirty Girl," "Unsung Hero," "In My Next Life," "We're Here For a Good Time," "The World Needs a Drink," "Wrecking Ball," "Three Mississippi" and "Northern Girl"

This story first ran in 2018.