According to Study, Tequila Could Actually Help You Lose Weight

If you've ever heard or sworn religiously by vodka as the only low cal, low carb and waist-friendly liquor option while drinking, it may be time to reconsider that notion entirely. Researchers at the American Chemical Society found an interesting discovery when it comes to tequila and its effects on the body.

As it turns out, agavins, or a natural form of sugar found in the agave plant which tequila derives from, is a non-digestible form of sugar, therefore acts as a dietary fiber and doesn't raise one's glucose level. With this information, it's clear how beneficial this could be for those trying to lose weight, or even those with Type 2 Diabetes. According to researcher Mercedes G. López in an interview with the American Chemistry Society, "We have found that since agavins reduce glucose levels and increase GLP-1, they also increase the amount of insulin."

What does this mean for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes? It means that instead of their blood sugar skyrocketing as it would in most other similar circumstances, thus produces large amounts of — and evens out— insulin within the body without having to take medication or shots. 

However, agavins contain a type of fructose syrup, which begs an obvious question: Do agavins have high fructose corn syrup in them — something that has been shunned in the health and food industry? The main differentiation here is that it is not an actual fructose form of sugar, rather it's a fructan — which means it's a type of sugar that's connected in long strands, so it can't breakdown in your body, therefore doesn't affect your blood sugar.

Not only are agavins beneficial for those with diabetes, they've also been known to be a better alternative to artificial sweeteners such as splenda or equal. Because agavins aren't absorbed by the body, therefore don't produce any nasty side effects, such as headaches or minor withdrawals.

Then there's the health and wellness aspect of agavins and tequila. Tequila, as we've mentioned a time or two above, is made with the plant, agavin. Agavins are the only carbohydrates involved in the process of creating tequila, therefore offering a lower carb version of a liquor loved by many.

Besides being a low carb alternative to heavier drinks and cocktails, the agavins that create tequila also enable a fuller feeling to take over your body, thus ensuring your eating proportions are in-tact, and overeating is controlled.

If you're looking for a new way to take your diabetes into your own hands, get smart about drinking or maybe drop few pounds, you should highly consider taking tequila for a ride, and soon.

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