Tennessee Does The Most Wholesome Photo Shoot Ever With Newborns Johnny Cash And June Carter
Photo By Nicole Davis/ FOX54 News Huntsville

Tennessee Does The Most Wholesome Photo Shoot Ever With Newborns Johnny Cash And June Carter

Sophie Clark and Nicole Davis are two mothers who deserve endless praise for making the most of their chance meeting. Clark and Davis "met" on April 10, 2024, at the Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children. The occasion? The mother of all coincidences! Sophie gave birth to June Carter Clark. Hours later, Nicole gave birth to Johnny Cash Davis. In the same hospital, on the same day. Neither of the families knew the other, naturally!

Per The Tennessean, the hospital staff helped the mothers arrange a meeting between their babies in their bassinets. Virality happened, as is tradition for such an incredible circumstance! According to Sophie, she and her husband learned about the Davis family through her husband's uncle. He'd visited them in the hospital, bumping into and starting a conversation with baby Johnny's father — who was wearing a Johnny Cash shirt — in a hospital elevator.

I know what you're thinking. "It was a cute moment and all, but what are we doing back here? We've sung this song already!"

Ah, ah, ah. Enter Chantel Miller!

Chantel Miller Conducts The Most Adorable Photo Shoot With Newborns Johnny Cash And June Carter

Chantel Miller is a photographer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. She caught wind of all the excitement and decided to reach out to the families to memorialize all the cuteness! In a Facebook post, Miller emphasizes the great honor of capturing the destined pair.

"I was able to photograph the most amazing Johnny Cash and June Carter the other day. These two babies were born by two different families, in the same hospital, on the same day. If this isn't destiny, I don't know what is," Miller stated.

"These sweet babies traveled all the way from Alabama to visit me in Knoxville, Tennessee to photograph them. As a fan myself, I am completely honored and privileged to share a brief glimpse of the photo session that happened today."

You can catch some of Miller's work in a spread per PEOPLE. Please click that hyperlink and look at those adorable babies. They're wearing name-appropriate costumes. Come on. With all the dark, miserable stuff happening in the world at any given moment, you can take some time out of your day to enjoy something nice. No horrible accidents, no grisly murders, no controversies. Just babies.