Taylor Wily Has Died And 'Hawaii Five-0' Fans Are In Mourning
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Taylor Wily Has Died And 'Hawaii Five-0' Fans Are In Mourning

Taylor Wily, who played Kamekona Tupuola in Hawaii Five-0, has passed away. The Hawaii-born actor died on Thursday (6/20), per Hawaiian news station, KITV. Hawaii Five-0 executive producer, Peter M. Lenkov, had nothing but kind words to say about Wily on Instagram.

"[Lenkov is] devastated. Heartbroken. I'll post some detailed feelings later. Just too hard right now," Lenkov stated in one post, soon delivering a heartfelt message shortly afterward.

"T, as I told you many times, I fell in love with you at the first audition. [Wily] came in with a towel on your head mopping up sweat, and I was smitten. You charmed me into making you a regular... on the show... and in my life. You were family. And I will miss you every day, brother. PS: when we spoke last week, we laughed at how right you were from Day 1. Five-0 was our dream job. And I was so lucky we got to share that magic together."

Wily played Kamekona Tupuola across three shows. Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I., and MacGyver. He was a professional sumo wrestler. Wily also participated in the very first UFC event — as the first fight, no less. Wily was an infinitely interesting, entertaining soul that will never be replicated.

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"God Bless You Taylor Wily. You are loved by many, many people. You will never be forgotten," one X (formerly Twitter) user said.

"Such a heartbreaking loss. He was a giant personality on screen and in person. I'm so happy you kept in touch, Peter. Rest in peace, Taylor," one Instagram user lamented.

"Seen it on his fb this afternoon. Sadden to hear, one of my favorite actors on Hawaii Five O. Seeing everyone meet at the food truck at the end of episodes was a highlight. RIP."

It takes a rare talent to stand out in a show like Hawaii Five-0. Wily was someone who was adored and respected the world over, and his passing leaves an indelible mark on anyone who saw Wily and felt nothing but sheer joy. Rest in Peace, Taylor Wily.