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Taryn Papa's Playful 'Can't Catch My Heart' is an Ode to Falling in Love [Video Premiere]

Nashville-based artist Taryn Papa captures the dizzying feeling of falling in love on "Can't Catch My Heart," which she wrote about her love story with her fiance, Brett.

"'Can't Catch My Heart' is a modern love song with playful lyrics. It's the next chapter of my love story that I wrote after realizing how hard I was falling for my fiancé," Papa tells Wide Open Country. "I wanted an animation video to show how fun falling in love felt to me."

"Shoot it to the moon if you wanna/ Put it on a one way flight,"Papa sings. "I ain't gonna miss it/ Gonna kiss it goodbye/ I can't catch my heart I tried."

The song's vibrant animated video captures the tune's exuberant lyrics and the dreamlike experience of falling in love.

Watch the video for "Can't Catch My Heart" below.

Papa will release her EP AWAKE later this year. The Connecticut-raised artist, who competed on The Voice, previously released "Changed," which was featured on Spotify's Next From Nashville playlist.

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