Tanya Tucker Shares Album Details, Unveils 'The Wheels of Laredo'

While I'm Livin'Tanya Tucker's first full-length album since 2002's Tanya, arrives Aug. 23 via Fantasy Records. The 10-song collection solidifies Tucker's status as a country and Americana taste-maker through seven songs co-written by co-producer Brandi Carlile and Carlile's twin bandmates, Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

The first of these new songs to hit the internet is "The Wheels of Laredo." The single and its accompanying music video lends a weathered, wise and confident voice to Carlile's Grammy-winning songwriting. The video shares Tucker's passion for horses while promoting a worthy cause: Redemption Road Rescue in Jackson, Tennessee.

Carlile co-produced the album with Shooter Jennings.

"Brandi is truly out of this world. She's talented, smart, funny, never ever slows down and has a heart of gold," says Tucker in a press release. "I just love her. She was like my shadow when we were in the studio. Every time I turned around, she was there. And Shooter, I've known him since he was a baby. He's the one who brought us all together. So I'm ready to get this music out there because it's different than anything I've ever done."

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The album offers Tucker a shot at a career resurgence while allowing Carlile and Jennings the chance to further a legend that dates back to 1972, when 13-year-old Tucker became an overnight success via her version of "Delta Dawn."

"We have so few opportunities to thank the legends that have influenced the generations of country music singers and writers," Carlile adds. "With Tanya we have quite an opportunity because she's young. I'm drawn to Tanya Tucker because she's been to hell and to heaven, not to mention every square inch of Texas. She's lived, she's living, she's got something to say and I'm listening."

There's also a trio of cover songs: "High Ridin' Heroes" from the Jennings family songbook, Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me" and "Hard Luck," a 1979 country-rock cut by Josefus.

While I'm Livin' Tracklist

1. "Mustang Ridge" (Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

2. "The Wheels Of Laredo" (Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

3. "I Don't Owe You Anything" (Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

4. "The Day My Heart Goes Still" (Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

5. "High Ridin' Heroes" (written by David Lynn Jones)

6. "The House That Built Me" (Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin)

7. "Hard Luck" (John C. "Pete" Bailey, David Lee Mitchell, Raymond L. Turner and Jerry Ontiberoz)

8. "Rich" (Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

9. "Seminole Wind Calling" (Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

10. "Bring My Flowers Now" (Tanya Tucker, Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth)

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Tanya Tucker Shares Album Details, Unveils 'The Wheels of Laredo'