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Taco Bell Raises General Manager Salary to 100k

Fast-food giant Taco Bell wants its employees to Live Más when it comes to their salaries. The American fast food chain run based in Irvine, California is increasing the Taco Bell salary for General Managers to a cool $100,000. Along with the pay bump, the brand is also adding a new role for employees who want leadership experience but don't want to be in the management position. And that's not all, employees at company-owned Taco Bell stores will be offered at least 24 hours of paid sick time per year. It looks like it is a great time to start freshening up that resume.

Taco Bell Salary Rises in 2020

Restaurant managers can thank the tight U.S. labor market for their higher salaries. When it comes to fast food, most employees join as an entry point into the labor force. Due to the number of part-time roles, a lot of people take job titles in the fast-food industry seasonally or to help with expenses. according to the National Restaurant Association, the industry adds more than 500,000 jobs during an average summer season. However, it's also a land of massive turnovers. Because of this, brands are now looking for incentives to keep the average Taco Bell employee longer. One way is to offer a competitive salary for higher positions like Restaurant manager.

Starting this year, Taco Bell will raise the average salary in a select number of locations. While they haven't picked the exact locations yet, higher-ups are looking for stores that average $2 million in business. The current salaries of Taco Bell GMs are between $50,000 and $80,000.

Along with the salary bump, Taco Bell is also introducing the "Makers" program for team members who want to learn about leadership. The stores will also offer 24 hours of paid sick time per year, a benefit only manager-level workers benefitted from prior.

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