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Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps Have Made Their Debut at Grocery Stores

There are two things I add to my order at Taco Bell every single time, and those things are a side of tortilla chips and a Baja Blast. You can't go wrong with a Mountain Dew drink, but you also can't forget about tortilla chips. Once the meat starts falling out of your 5-layer burrito, Taco Bell chips come in handy.

Those chips start to taste delightful once your taste buds get a taste of classic tortilla chips mixed with mild sauce. There's something about crispy chips and Taco Bell sauce. If I order a Nacho Supreme, I'm definitely asking for a handful of sauce packets. I love drenching my food with Fire! sauce.

I guess Taco Bell has realized that people like me love to put a dent in their Mild and Fire! hot sauce inventory. (Sorry, not sorry). The taste of Taco Bell hot sauces are truly undefeated when it comes to fast food condiments. Luckily, there's a new product for Taco Bell lovers to become obsessed with.

I'm glad Taco Bell is happy to announce that they're releasing Cheddar Crisps in three different flavors! Soon you'll have Cheddar Cheese Crisps with Mild, Nacho, and Fire! sauce flavoring.

Watch out Doritos! I am beyond excited for these sauce packet flavors to finally be in crispy chip form. Hopefully, you'll see these flavors hitting shelves at your local grocery store soon. We'll keep an eye on Walmart for now.

I have to admit that I always have a few packets of Taco Bell Fire! sauce in my miscellaneous drawer in the kitchen. I eat a lot of Mexican food, and I love putting Taco Bell's Mild flavor on homemade tostadas. If you can't find them yet, these Taco Bell tortilla chips should hold you over until the Cheddar Crisps are here.

Not only will I order a few bags of Cheddar Crisps when they arrive, but I'll be in line for my Nacho Supreme.

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