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The Taco Bell Cantina, Where Beer Flows Like Slushies

This place isn't just known for its tacos. The Taco Bell Cantina is a sort of off-shoot of the fast-food restaurant so many people know and love, with one notable exception: you can get alcoholic beverages there to go with your burritos, nachos, and other Mexican (or, at least Tex-Mex) food.

Taco Bell opened its first Cantina in Chicago in 2015, according to Thrillist. It had an open kitchen, iconic wall art, and shareable appetizers for visitors. But most importantly, the location was able to serve alcohol. The Cantina flagship store, located on the Las Vegas strip, was opened in 2016. It seems to be a pretty popular concept, and it doesn't appear that Taco Bell plans to stop adding Cantina locations anytime soon.

What Alcoholic Drinks Are Menu Items at the Taco Bell Cantina?

That first location already had plenty of drinks to choose from — from beer, to wine, to Sangria, to Twisted Freezes that included rum, tequila, or vodka. Yum. Truly, it sounds like there's something for everyone who turns up for a quesadilla or chalupa.

Every Taco Bell Cantina location seems to have a different custom menu when it comes to drinks, although most of them seem pretty similar. For instance, Thrillist noted that the Austin location had local beers from breweries like Live Oak Brewery and (512) Brewing Company. New York, California, and Ohio are a few other states that have some Taco Bell Cantina Restaurants.

Sure, the dining experience might not be the same as it would be at a fancier sit-down restaurant with alcohol available to consume with your meal. But sometimes, you don't want something all that fancy. Sometimes, you just want a Margarita Freeze with your Crunchwrap Supreme, and we're here to tell you that there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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