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Tabasco Whiskey Is a Real Thing and Just in Time for Summer

Want a little kick with your whiskey? If so you'll be elated to hear that Tabasco barrels are about to get a second life in the best way possible, aging whiskey. According to a press release, George Dickel Tennessee Whisky has teamed up with Tabasco maker the McIhenny Company to bring the good whisky loving and hot pepper people of America a Tabasco-infused spice riddled whisky.

Before the iconic Louisiana sauce hits the bottle, the hot pepper mash made from Tabasco peppers spends three precious years aging in white oak barrels. That's three years the barrels spend soaking up all that signature peppery goodness. It would seem like such a waste to let all that flavor go unused, which is precisely where George Dickel's fine whisky comes in.

Marrying the flavor of two iconic brands from the South, George Dickel ages its quality Tennessee whisky for three months in barrels that were once used to age Tabasco peppers. Genius, right?

The pepper infusion doesn't stop there. The whiskey is then carefully blended with a special distilled Tabasco brand pepper sauce, leaving its unique essence. The final product is an oaky, spicy whiskey with a smooth finish called George Dickel Tabasco Brand Barrel Finish, or Hot Dickel for short.

A 750ml bottle of this 70 proof American whiskey will run you a retail price of about $25, with 50ml and 1l sizes also available. Available nationwide this month, Hot Dickel is just in time for a summer.

Pour yourself a deliciously spicy shot with a dash of pickle juice in a celery salt-rimmed glass, or try it in a Bloody Mary with their 150th anniversary sauce for a unique flavor with an extra peppery kick. Ideal for backyard barbecues, imbibing over a campfire, and tailgating parties, this is the new spicy whiskey everyone will be talking about.

Move over Fireball. Tabasco Brand Barrel Finish has come to town.

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