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Watch These 4 Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky for the First Time

Grandma may not drink anymore, but there was a time she could give you a run for your money. Just ask these grandmas. Revealing their favorite alcoholic beverages, vodka tonics and scotch and water come to mind. Classy, stiff, and not your over the top sugary filled cocktail that resembles the color of Gatorade, these grandmas certainly can appreciate a good drink.

So what would happen if you introduced them to a new liquor that's all the rage?

Nerdwire decided to find out. Placing before the panel a bottle of none other than Fireball Whisky, these four grandmas were put to the test. Now, any of you who've gulped down a shot of the fiery whiskey can only imagine what was about to happen to grandma. I mean, my grandma gets tipsy after one glass of wine. But a shot of Fireball? I'm not exactly sure how that'd play out. Although it's Grandma, she has a tendency to surprise you.

Get ready, Grandma, it's time to call in the Spanish Olympic team and get the party started. Simply priceless.

Looks like the "burn like hell" description didn't hold these ladies back. In fact, going in for a second round, I'd say they rather liked the heat.

Next time you have another lackluster family dinner, get the party started and bring a bottle of Fireball for grandma.

If she likes it, I'd say it's time to introduce Grandma to the jello shot.

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